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Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters enable us to convey to investors important economic and government policy developments as well as specific company information. As China evolves from a planned economy to a market economy, it has become the world's fastest-growing major economy. While there certainly will be growing pains and hiccups along the way, there is little doubt that China is on the road to becoming a global economic powerhouse.

In this exciting period of change, we are upbeat about China's prospects and potential. History has repeatedly shown that great investment opportunities can be found in both up and down market cycles. Clearly, for investors in this dynamic environment, there is a voluminous amount of material to cover, information to digest, and data to analyze.

Our newsletters will update investors with the latest developments on the Chinese economic landscape and political events, as well as on specific individual companies. It is our belief that the intelligent investor should be armed with as much relevant information as possible.

We have many different local sources for our information, including Securities Market Weekly which has granted us permission to translate and use articles from their print magazine.

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Our Newsletters are in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader installed, you can download one from Adobe

The following is a list of our Newsletters:

Newsletter March 2006
Newsletter September 2005
Newsletter February 2006
Newsletter August 2005
Newsletter January 2006
Newsletter July 2005
Newsletter December 2005
Newsletter June 2005
Newsletter November 2005
Newsletter May 2005
Newsletter October 2005
Newsletter April 2005

China Opportunity Index

The China Opportunity Index was developed by CSR to track the performances of Chinese companies that are publicly traded in the U.S. markets. In addition, we have created seven sector specific indices: Technology, Energy, Communication, Chemicals, Mining & Metals, Airlines and Electric Utilities.

The following is our current China Opportunity Index Report:

Current China Opportunity Index

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