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  InfoChina Xinhua Express Daily News

News on Chinese Stocks Publicly Traded in the U.S. – AHEAD of Market & IMPACT Market

Xinhua InfoChina Stock Express Daily News provides timely and important business news on the Chinese companies publicly traded on the U.S. stock exchanges, the industry they operate in, and the government policies that have material impact on them. Any investor, both institutional and individual, can trade these Chinese stocks just like trading any American stocks.

In the world of Chinese stocks, timely information is scarce and difficult to find. Worse, the timely information written in English is even harder to obtain. Xinhua InfoChina Stock Daily News is here to fill that void. Established in 1931, Xinhua News Agency is the largest and most prestigious news agency in China. Headquartered in Beijing, Xinhua has more than 7,000 employees engaging in news coverage in all provinces in China and in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. It currently publishes nearly 40 types of newspapers and magazines in 7 languages, including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabian and Portuguese.

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The following is a list of recent daily news with headlines:

January 10, 2014
  • Top stories of the day – China Stock Market – Jan.10
  • Mkt Talk: Chinese shares sink further on liquidity concerns, despite upbeat data
  • CSRC not to review new IPO applications till Mar., spokesman
  • China's investment in TD-LTE networks to reach 160 bln yuan
  • China Petroleum Circulation Association established Thu.
  • China Southern Airlines board OKs property and land lease agreements with parent
  • China Southern Airlines' board approves connected transactions
  • PetroChina Changqing oilfield generates 8 mln t tight oil in 2013
  • Canadian Solar supplies 25.3MW modules to 4 solar projects in North Carolina
  • Chinalco to sell RMB 5 bln 365D bills Jan. 15
  • China Mobile (CHL.NYSE; 0941.HK) joins in building mobile Internet finance demonstration area
  • China Focus: Power coal price returns to downturn on giants' price cuts
  • China mulling over supportive policies for cultural trade development, MOC

  • October 15, 2013
  • Top stories of the day – China Stock Market – Oct. 15
  • Mkt Talk: Chinese shares end lower on Tue.
  • Baidu "worry ranking" exposes netizen anxieties
  • CNPC to supply 57 bln cu.m natural gas this winter, up 13.1 pct y o y
  • China's dependence on imported natural gas could top 50 pct, expert
  • China Focus: NDRC urges oil players to beef up gas output, imports to meet winter demands
  • China Mobile (CHL.NYSE; 00941.HK) approved to expand TD-LTE experiment
  • PetroChina fills over 1 bln cu.m gas into Hutubi storage facility
  • China Mobile (CHL.NYSE; 00941.HK) likely to purchase 50 mln TD-LTE terminals in 2014
  • Cambodian PM urges China's Sinopec Corp to build oil refinery by 2018
  • China Mobile (CHL.NYSE; 00941.HK) names bid results for 4G network converged equipment
  • Chalco corrects environmental violation in Lanzhou branch
  • Lukoil eyes more crude, gas exports to China

  • May 8, 2006
  • China resumes refinance on Shanghai, Shenzhen markets
  • Second round of coal-electricity price pegging to ease cost pressures on power plants
  • SK Telecom likely to become shareholder of China Unicom
  • China Netcom begins WiMAX construction in Guangdong
  • Market hearsay: Wang Yan to quit’s CEO
  • Sinopec’s performance in stock market negatively correlates to oil price – expert
  • Summary of Sinopec’s Principal Operating Results for the First Quarter
  • Netease cooperates with in travel service
  • Shandong Aluminum uplifts ex-factory alumina price by 8.7%
  • Chalco may soon acquire Jiaozuo Wanfang
  • Huaneng approved to issue asset securitization product
  • Phase II of CNOOC's largest independent gas field comes on stream
  • Sinopec’s split equity structure reform scheme waited for
  • teams up with Google in upgrading search engine for hotel info in China

  • March 23, 2006

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