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  Securities Market Weekly

Founded by the Chinese Stock Exchange Executive Council (SEEC) in March 1992, Securities Market Weekly is a financial magazine with significant influence on the Chinese security markets. It is the only magazine to receive exclusive designation from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (equivalent to the U.S. SEC) to publish the information of publicly traded companies in China. Its number of issuances has topped that of all other financial and investment magazines in China every year since 1998.

It is a weekly publication that specializes in providing comprehensive yet concise investment-related information. It adheres to a philosophy of - translated literally from Chinese - "Lawfully Competitive Market Economy, Fair and Just Market Regulation, Truthful and Professional Market Judgment, Healthy and Rational Investment Attitude." Its motto is to "Pay Close Attention to Capital, Influence Capital, and Create Capital".

Its cover stories include important news events, major market and policy change research, and company reports. It has a "Market Yellow Page" section that spots market trends and market-moving news for the current week. In addition, it recently started a special column for investment professionals, market experts, and entrepreneurs to express their opinions.

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