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      China Stock Reports

    China Stock Reports, LLC ("CSR") is the first independent research firm and publisher of objective researches on the Chinese stocks publicly-traded on the U.S. stock exchanges. Any investor can trade these Chinese stocks just like American stocks.

    Partnered with Xinhua News Agency and Securities Market Weekly, CSR offers institutional and individual investors valuable information of Chinese stocks from its New York headquarter and Beijing Office. Led by Director of Research, Li Wang, all of our Chinese researchers are U.S.-educated and have international experiences. Mr. Wang has held important positions at the Stock Exchange Executive Council and China Securities Regulatory Commission (equivalent to the U.S. SEC).

      InfoChina Xinhua Express News

    Daily News on Chinese Stocks Publicly Traded in the U.S. – AHEAD of Market & IMPACT Market

    January 10, 2014
  • Top stories of the day – China Stock Market – Jan.10
  • Mkt Talk: Chinese shares sink further on liquidity concerns, despite upbeat data

  • CSRC not to review new IPO applications till Mar., spokesman

  • China's investment in TD-LTE networks to reach 160 bln yuan

  • China Petroleum Circulation Association established Thu.

  • China Southern Airlines board OKs property and land lease agreements with parent

  • China Southern Airlines' board approves connected transactions

  • PetroChina Changqing oilfield generates 8 mln t tight oil in 2013

  • Canadian Solar supplies 25.3MW modules to 4 solar projects in North Carolina

  • Chinalco to sell RMB 5 bln 365D bills Jan. 15

  • China Mobile (CHL.NYSE; 0941.HK) joins in building mobile Internet finance demonstration area

  • China Focus: Power coal price returns to downturn on giants' price cuts

  • China mulling over supportive policies for cultural trade development, MOC

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    Highlights:   Hot Topic! China 2006 Outlook & Top Stock Picks

  • CSR Golden Portfolio - Great Stocks Before Market Discovers.
  • Datang: Diversification into nuclear power warrants long-term growth, but rising coal price still hurts
  • UTStarcom: Expansion into non-PAS technologies presents opportunity, but transition period doomed to be volatile
  • Exclusive Beijing 2008 Olympics Sponsorship will fuel advertising revenue, but competition is still intensive
  • Chinese A-Share stock markets face great potential with foreign capital flooding in
  • Strong game pipeline capitalizes on market expansion, but “Play-for-Free” & “Fatigue System” hinder growth
  • TOM Online: 3G, online ad & mobile games fuel growth, but rapid P/E expansion may cause short-term volatility
  • KongZhong: Leading 2.5G wireless value-added service provider best positioned for 3G, intensified competition narrows margin
  • Focus Media's target marketing and monopoly position will fuel growth, but locations defecting to competitors may drive up cost
  • China 2006 Outlook: Which Industry to Invest?
  • High entry barriers protect Ctrip’s dominant position, but a potential “Bird Flu” outbreak could be detrimental
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      Securities Market Weekly is a Chinese financial magazine with significant influence on the Chinese security markets. It is the only magazine that is exclusively designated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (equivalent to the U.S. SEC) to publish the official information of publicly traded companies in China. CSR has been granted permission to translate and use articles from its print magazine.  
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